4 Reasons Hiring An Amateur Wedding DJ Is A Big Mistake

An amateur wedding DJ can ruin an event and make it memorable in a bad way. Learn how to find a proper DJ and why it matters.

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Weddings are not cheap, estimated at an average cost of $33,900 in the United States, so naturally, couples try to find all the ways they can save money.

When it comes to hiring a wedding DJ, you get what you pay for. It is not worth hiring an amateur to save a few bucks.

Read on for some hiring tips that will help you understand why it’s essential to make the investment in a professional DJ for your special day.

1. Your Wedding DJ is Responsible for Hosting a Seamless Event

Who introduces you as a couple for the first time, or announces your first dance? Who gets your guests’ attention when it’s time for the best man and maid of honor to make their toasts? The DJ.

Remember that your wedding DJ plays a crucial role in the implementation of your big day. They are not just throwing on some fun party songs, they are also your MC, which stands for “Master of Ceremonies.” They need to be experienced in speaking clearly, handling a large audience, and making announcements on schedule. 

Weddings are special events with a timeline, and you need a professional who is capable of orchestrating the agenda smoothly. Your event flow from start to finish depends significantly on the DJ. All your other vendors also depend on your DJ to instruct them on what the next move is. 

Experienced DJs have worked countless weddings and other special events, and they’ll do their homework to make sure they are prepared. They’ll ask you what songs you want to be introduced with and will pay close attention to your instructions. If your DJ isn’t available to speak with you and meet you in advance, that is a red flag.

There are plenty of little things that wouldn’t be noticeable on your big day if they’re not done perfectly, but mishandling the flow of events and missing important items on the schedule is not one of them.  

2. Equipment and Sound Quality

One of the most critical hiring tips to consider when searching for the best DJ is to find out what equipment they have. An experienced DJ will have good quality equipment, at the least a nice pair of turntables and a controller.

A professional DJ cares about the sound and will have the equipment necessary to make the music sound good. You don’t want mediocre, fuzzy sounding audio at your wedding. 

Another thing to consider is what happens if a piece of equipment fails? A reliable DJ  will have backup equipment in case of an emergency. They’ll also have a backup DJ in the case of an unforeseen emergency on their end. When you’re looking to hire a DJ, these are essential questions to ask. 

Along with equipment, comes the actual music selection available. Professional DJs have a vast library of songs to choose from in every genre, and they can also give you suggestions for songs if you need input. 

Hard Act Entertainment, a Colorado Springs DJ, has been in business for over a decade and has all the state of the art equipment to make your event one to remember. In addition to the necessary equipment, Hard Act Entertainment also has a ton of extras, including:

  • Lighting and Effects
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Staging
  • Backline Rental
  • Equipment Sales and Rental

3. A Good Wedding DJ Brings the Party

Your DJ plays a key role in setting the whole mood of your wedding. They play the right songs at the correct times, provide smooth transitions, and invest time into getting your song choices for all those special dances.  

It’s surprisingly not an easy task to keep people on the dance floor. The right songs make people want to dance, and what fun is a wedding with an empty dance floor? A professional DJ can read the crowd and play the music that appeals to a diverse group of people, from the grandparents to the children.

There are so many skills that professional DJs have that amateurs don’t, that directly affect the mood of your party. Professional DJs can smoothly mix from one song to the next, without gaps. Gaps are awkward and cause people to leave the dance floor. 

Did you know that many professional DJs even invest in voice training? Imagine an annoying voice constantly interrupting your wedding. 

You want your wedding to be the best party of your lifetime. An awesome DJ can make sure it’s everything you hoped for.

4. You Need Your DJ to Be in Business When Your Wedding Day Arrives

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but running a DJ service is a business and should be a full-time job. You run a huge risk if you hire someone who doesn’t treat it like one.

Weddings involve planning far in advance. When should you book your DJ? Professionals recommend that you hire a DJ nine to ten months before your wedding day. That being said, a lot of cheap or free DJs are just in it for fun or for the side hustle. Who knows where they will be in nine to ten months.

It would be a disaster to book someone and risk them not being in business by the time your wedding day arrives. You don’t want to run into the situation where you are scrambling to find someone new when the cheap DJ you hired bails on you at the last minute. 

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